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Fine Art

Sample works

Here you can find a sample of Louise's work to date. The paintings shown are either for sale, or are there for commission purposes. If you would like to enquire about any of the artworks, please send her an email with details of the painting in question and she will respond at her earliest convenience.

You can view a digital copy of her online collection below.

She will be releasing new collections during the year, please subscirbe to her art instagram for announcements.


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Latest paintings for sale at the Cooperbeach cafe North Dulwich

Artist Bio

Louise is a filmmaker and fine artist based in London, UK, where she is currently developing various short and feature films, While working on her artworks.  Over the past ten years Louise has explored the disciplines of film and fine art, using one to inform and inspire the other, giving her work a unique voice:

“It's not just about coverage, or conveying what you see in front of you - it's about uncovering what’s below the surface - the emotion, tone and meaning of a moment. I want people to have a response to the story or painting: to feel the temperature of the night air as they walk through a landscape; to question what a person is feeling as they sit ...; to feel the sadness, love or joy that those characters are experiencing as we watch their story unfold."

Louise has been drawing and painting from a very young age, but it was only after meeting and learning under classically trained artist Jason Lu did she really understand the disciplines and technique of fine art. After studying under his guidance in Malta she moved to London where she dedicated most of her time to her filmmaking.       

While in between directing projects she went back to her paintings, enjoying the simplicity and intimacy of it as a means of expression. She signed up to lessons at London fine art in Battersea where she developed her skills in Portraiture, landscape and still life, focusing on Alla Prima technique and building a solid technique and understanding of the various subject matters. She now paints whenever she can, taking part in local exhibitions and shows whilst still pursuing her film career. Focusing on narrative, her focus is on family, friends and those places that mean the most, and she continues to work on finding her voice in the art world through her paintings.

Previous exhibitions

September 2023 - January 2024 Picture House - Exhibit 12

MAY 2023





Part of a group exhibition of Exhibit 12 artists, a community of artists based in and around Crystal Palace.

More information can be viewed here

Dulwich artists open house at Kingswood arts.

Crystal Palace Artists open house.

ING Discerning Eye Exhibition at the Mall galleries

EXHIBIT 12 online exhibition 

CP Affordable Art Fayre

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