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Snug as a Bug (2017)

Duration: 10:59 mins

Shot on Arri Mini

Mickey and Gav are six floors up with a corpse, a rug that's too small and a van they haven't got. Worse still, they're almost out of air freshener: a pungent comic short with bodies, bowels and bin-bags. A terrified man returns to his apartment and hurriedly makes to leave for good. Enforcers Mickey and Gav are sent to make sure he doesn't. Surprised by their unexpected arrival, the man promptly expires. Notifying their boss of this complication, Mickey and Gav are nevertheless ordered to bring the 'mark' in all the same. Except they're six floors up, they came by tube and now they have to wait for the dearly departed to make a final 'deposit'. Much more than a tale of poo, peril and irritatingly undersized cutlery, Snug as a bug is an object lesson in improvised cross-city body shifting... with added stench.


Officially selected for:

Crystal Palace Film Festival, Jellyfest FF, Oregon Short film festival, Portland Comedy film festival, One reeler film festival.

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