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Louise C Galizia

Berlinale Talent 2023, Member of EFA & Bafta Connect

Member of Cinesisters, Directors UK & Primetime
Directors UK Inspire Mentee 2020/21

Louise is a filmmaker and fine artist based in London, UK, where she is currently in development on various short, feature and TV scripts. She grew up in Malta, first working as a designer and then working as an Assistant Director on TV and Feature films. When she moved to the UK she continued her work as an AD, before deciding to dedicate her time in developing her skills as a director. Since then she has directed, produced and sometimes written and edited numerous short films that have been screened in festivals around the world.

During these ten years Louise has explored the disciplines of film and fine art, using one to inform and inspire the other, developing her unique voice and process.


Through her work, Louise attempts to bring the creative process she uses in her art into her film practice, focusing on research, understanding, and questioning. Sometimes this leads her to darker places, but only because the story and characters take her there. She strives to bring out the best of the story while ensuring the audience takes an active role in its revelation, whether it’s through the play in genre or through story, the audience is always required to question, challenge and interpret the film.


She first started her directing career by writing and directing ‘Duende’ in 2010, a 2 minute experimental film.In 2015 she went on to direct the award winning ‘Pardon the Intrusion’ followed by a dark comedy ‘Snug as a Bug’. In 2018 she decided to challenge herself by making a #oneshortfilmamonth series. Working with an assortment of writers, DOP’s, Actors, editors and Sound designers every month, she was able to produce 2-3 min microshorts that were released onto social media. It allowed her to challenge herself, build lasting collaborative relationships with other creatives, master film as a medium and gain a sounder knowledge of the process of filmmaking.


Following this she directed three more films; ‘O My friend’, produced by Sheer heights, “Flashpoint”, a horror movie that went on to be screened at Screamfest LA amongst others, and ‘A Walk Home’  a BAFTA GURU & Microshorts collaboration that was selected for the Depict 21 at the Encounters film festival.


In these past three years, she has began the process of writing her own scripts. This is due to her desire to focus on stories and aesthetics that she feels are truly representative of who she is as a director, and the kind of work that she wants to be creating in the future. Since making that step she has written “Magic’ which won best screenplay under 10 mins at the UK film Festival, and ‘South Wind’ feature script that is being produced and is currently in development with Falkun films. She has also just written and directed a short promo film ’Broken Pieces’ for charity One in four, in collaboration with Mediatrust, which has been nominated for a smiley. 

 As a key member of Cinesisters, and a member of Directors UK, she has been chosen as a mentee for the Directors UK inspire 2021 scheme, being mentored by TV Director Iain B. Mcdonald (Shameles, Shantaram, Wayne), been selected for the prestigious Berlinale Talents Lab 2023, become a member of the EFA & BAFTA Connect and continues to explore every avenue to further her career and achieve her final goal - Directing for feature film and high end TV.


Cleveland Laurel
Clevelan Laurel
UK FILM FESTIVAL Script competition

Winner of the UK Film Festival

Best 10 minute Short screenplay 2022

Winner of the Best Short Live action: Film Cleveland International Short film festival, Charleston International Film Festival 2015, New York No Limits Film Festival & Beaufort International Film Festival, Female Feedback Film Festival, One Reeler short film competition, Platinum award for Independent Shorts awards.


Winner of Women in Film Cleveland International film festival.


‘Rih Isfel (A southern wind)' Feature film.

IN DEVELOPMENT - Writer / Director Louise C Galizia.

Producd by Pierre Ellul and Anika Psaila Savona, Falkun Films.

A young boy tries to find his missing friend on the island of Gozo, uncovering a lot more then he could hope for about those closest to him and the village he thought he new so well.

short film - funding stage

IN DEVELOPMENT - Writer / Director Louise C Galizia, 
A Young girl tries to save herself and her sisters from a abusive family home through the use of magic.

'‘The Vampires Maiden'

Short film - funding stage

Also developing as feature script.

IN DEVELOPMENT - Director Louise C Galizia, Writer Louise C Galizia

After escaping a terrifying situation in her home town, Vera finds herself drawn to an isolated cottage along the rugged coast, where she becomes entrapped in a draining love affair. As things take a turn she finds herself depending on an unexpected ally.

'Flashpoint' 2022


Director Louise C Galizia, Writer Danielle Wager, Producer Kels McInnis

Official selection: Romford FF23, Renegade FF23, Scream fest LA 23, LA Horror festival 2023.

A man keeping watch at the end of the world sees something which convinces him he might be on the wrong side. A post-apocalyptic horror set short exploring themes of loyalty.

'A Walk Home' 2021


Director Louise C Galizia, Writer Alexandra Bahiyyih Wain, Producer Elettra Pizzi. Official selection Depict 2021, Berlin Microshorts, 225 Film club.

In Collaboration with Bafta Crew and Micro short films.

‘O, My Friend’ 2019


Prod: Sheer Height - Director Louise C Galizia

Officially selected for 8 festivals around the globe

‘#oneshortfilmamonth’ series


Prod: Cue Pictures - Director Louise C Galizia - 12 micro shorts over 12 months in 2018.

‘Snug as a bug’ 2017


Prod: Cue Pictures - Writers: Andy McCormick and Richard Webb Director Louise C Galizia. Producer Rosie Wells.

Screened in over 10 festivals winner of 3 awards.

‘Pardon the intrusion’ 2015


Prod: Cue Pictures - Director Louise C Galizia - Screened in over 10 festivals and winner of 3 awards including Best live action short and women in film at the Cleveland International Festival 2015.
'magnificent in every way and I can’t thank you enough for sharing it with us!’
- Paul Sloop, Shorts programmer for Cleveland International film festival 2016
‘Very appealing topic, handled lovingly’ - Short of the week 2016.

‘Duende' 2011


Prod: Galizia productions - Director: Louise C Galizia
Runner up in sound design for the ‘Cannes in a van’ Film awards 2013

as well as screening at ESFF

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